Commercial Window Cleaning

Retail Window Cleaning

We carry out daily cleaning services to a number of exclusive retail stores in the city centre such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Debenhams.

  • Areas covered: doorways, signage, shop fronts/entrances, escalators, shop mirrors, balustrade glazing

Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

Reach and Wash Window Cleaning System - cleaning services manchester

A unique ladderless cleaning technique which eliminates the need for expensive special equipment hire such as cherry pickers and cuts down on labour costs too.

The Truckmount System features a 3 stage water treatment plant to cost effectively produce quantities of product water.

This is a 1,000 litre tank carrying water which has previously been treated in an 8 hour cleaning programme, and produces pure de-ionised water – in essence pure water.

Being truck mounted, set up time is minimal and enables our operatives to move about your site with less inconvenience to you.

It also avoids the need to shut off areas with scaffolding or move nearby vehicles.

  • Areas covered: windows, frames, cladding, canopies/glass roofs, atriums, skylights, signage


High Level Cleaning

High Level Cleaning

Rope Access/Abseiling by IRATA trained operatives

Window Cleaning Abseiling Services

High Level Exterior Window Cleaning

Glazing can be cleaned without the need of cradles or without the expense of hiring an access platform.

Access to windows that would be otherwise impossible, minimal disturbance to building occupants/residents, pedestrians and traffic.

Better quality of cleaning as the cleaning operatives would be closer to the windows

Truck Mounted Access Platforms (IPAF trained operatives)

Excellent working height and outreach capability.

Truck Mounted Platform High Access Cleaning

High Level Window Cleaning Using Cradles

Building Cleaning Services by Cradle

High Level Internal Cleaning/Maintenance

Spider Lift High Access CleaningOur operatives are fully trained and have plenty of experience in operating scissor lifts and Teupen Leo machines. These machines are bi dual and perfect for high level internal cleaning/maintenance. Indoors the tracks protect delicate and fragile floors and their compact dimensions allow them to work in the most confined areas – all Teupen models will fit through a standard door.

Jet Washing

Jet Washing

Power Washing steam-clean

Method of work

We use a 2000 psi 1000 litre water bowser so water can be brought to site so there is no need to inconvenience you.

  • Areas covered; cladding, render, stonework, pathways, gutter cleaning/clearing, moss removal

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

High Level Exterior Building Maintenance

Whether it is litter picking, car park cleaning or high level maintenance to hard to reach areas, we offer a comprehensive range of building maintenance services.

Communal Area & Office Cleaning

Communal Area & Office Cleaning

Apartment Block CleaningOffice Cleaning and Communal Area Cleaning

Appearance and cleanliness are essential in maintaining the value of any property.

First impressions are vital and Access Cleaning Specialist managed staff will ensure the delivery of the best possible service, cleaning, polishing and dusting throughout the communal areas of your building.

Safety System Testing

Safety System Testing

testing-eyeboltIt is required by the relevant British Standards that eyebolts and safety systems which are used for work positioning and rope access should be examined every six months in accordance to BS EN 795 standards. All our operatives are trained and certified in installation, inspection and testing of eyebolts. It is your responsibility to have them maintained and ensure no one uses them after the test expiry date. We issue certification and tags’ once testing is complete.