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Specialist Cleaning

Appearance and cleanliness are essential in maintaining the value of any property.

Steam Cleaning

Our TORIK Stone Cleaning System provides the option of chemical-free cleaning and optimal results with Tensid products. TORIK produces a controllable stream of high pressure superheated water and steam that quickly removes grime, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter. The superheated water and steam also kills spores thereby eliminating the source of biological growth.  This system can also be used for chewing gum and graffiti removal which can be an eye sore to your building.  The TORIK system is gentle, safe and effective for use on stonework, brick, masonry and cladding

Steam Cleaning the Midland Hotel, Manchester

Gutter Cleaning

Our Sky Vac gutter cleaning system can remove all unwanted build ups of leaves and debris from gutters which can lead to overflowing.  This is also a more cost effective method as it eliminates the need to high expensive machinery or scaffolding.

Gutter Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

We provide high level warehouse cleans removing all unwanted build ups of dust, grease and grime utilising specialist machines and equipment leaving your warehouse clean and hygiene friendly for all your staff and visitors.

Warehouse Cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

We provide high level cladding cleans to tackle the effects of weather, dirt and pollution which accumulate over time, to ensure your building’s cladding and façades are both kept in excellent condition and look as professional as possible too.

Cladding Clean

Builders Cleans

All of our operatives are CSCS card holders and have many years of experience in these types of cleans. We are able to work on a quick turn around in order to meet your hand over date. Our operatives are IPAF, IRATA and PASMA trained so we are able to access all areas of your building safely.

Builders Clean

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